Disposable email from NowMyMail

Hate to receive spam, but still need to enter an email address on that webiste you don’t trust to get access to a download or maybe a discount voucher. If you enter your real email address be sure to receive spam for the rest of your life. Trust me Been there done that.

Use a disposable email address

NowMyMail is a disposable email address provider and should be used to avoid spam when you need to leave your mail address in sites you don’t trust enough. Using NowMyMail no one knows your real address, not even us! Registration is not necessary and is completely free.

NowMyMail is easy to use

NowMyMail is very easy to use, simply create a new disposable address using the “Click Here to get your disposable email”, Afterwards when you thinh the email has been sent just click the check mail button at their page. That’s all, you can read your mail and delete it. Of course don’t use it for email which confidential info like passwords etc. It is free and easy to use.

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