Free Legal Documents & Contracts

At some stage in your life you will sign a contract or a legal document, be it the purchase of property, a loan, a cell phone contract, a rental agreement, etc. As you can see there are contracts and documents for many different needs and transactions.

A lot of them are through a supplier e.g loan contract, cell phone contract, but sometimes you will want to sign a contract between your self and other parties, without the involvement of a third person like an estate agent or attorney. for those instances you can buy contracts for the specific purpose, but there are sites where you can get free contracts as well. Of course you must understand the contents of the contratc otherwise it is best to obtain some legal advice if you don’t understand something.

But for who is up to it you can get free contracts, legal documents & agreements from LegalWise. They have free contract templates available for download for the following

  • Acknowledgment of Debt
  • Settlement Agreement
  • Employment Agreement
  • Power of Attorney
  • Lease Agreement
  • Offer to Purchase

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