RansomFree free protection against RansomeWare

What is Ransom Ware? To put it bluntly it is one nasty piece of software which if your computer gets infected it will start encrypting your documents and files and then it asks a fee to restore your documents to its original state. Basically they are holding your documents and files ransom. It is estimated that the loss to companies and individuals is over $1 Billion a year and the threat is growing faster, with more variants coming out.

If it happens to you you basically have three choices.

  • Pay up and hope they restore your files, which they might not do and they might infect you again
  • If you have a recent backup (which most people don’t have)you can restore your documents and files.
  • Cut your losses and start recreating your documents and files again, which probably is a near impossible task. How are you going to redo the photo’s with all your memories? How many documents and spreadsheets do you have to recreate.

What can you do to not become a victim of Ransom Ware?

  • First of all make regular backups which will not only limit damage from Ransom Ware, but against other possible losses as well, stolen laptop, crashed hard drives, accidental deletion or damage etc.
  • Install software to protect you against Ransom Ware like RansomFree

What is RansomFree

RansomFree is free software which protects you against 99% of Ransom Ware it has developed a behavioral based software which runs in the background and detects Ransom Ware before it can do any damage. If it detects Ransom Ware encrypting your data it will stop it in it tracks and displays a popup that warns users that their files are at risk and lets the user stop the attack with one click.

They claim to be the only free tool that stops 99% of Ransom Ware strains, including never-before-seen types.

Run RansomFree in combination with your AntiVirus

RansomFree only detects Ransom Ware and does not protect agains any other threat like malware or viruses, so don’t remove your Anti Virus program

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