SpiderOak Cloud Backup

Want to securely backup sensitive information or even just your images of your granny. Look no further, SpiderOak Cloud Backup is a company which cares about your privacy. SpiderOak Cloud Backup has no way of knowing what you store on their cloud. It gets encrypted before it leaves your computer device.

As quoted from SpiderOak’s website

When it comes to your data, you should always know who has your keys. Using something like Google Drive, DropBox, or Box? They have your keys which means they can read your data. Someone compromises their systems? You guessed it. They too can read all your data. Pretty scary, huh?

With SpiderOakONE, your files are encrypted long before they cross the internet to our servers. We only store your encrypted data in generalized blocks which means only you can unlock your backup, ever.

This means that even Government Agencies can’t get hold of your grannies photo’s. Cool hey.

Some of SpiderOak Cloud Backups features are

  • 100% Private
  • Automatic Backup
  • Easy Restore
  • Access from any device
  • Allways On
  • Sync your data between devices
  • Versions of files are kept

And of course they wouldn’t be listed on freestuff.co.za if they did not offer a free plan. Go and check them out and get 2 GB of secure and private cloud storage backup.

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