Stocard store your loyalty cards on your smart phone

More and more shops are offering loyalty cards, like Picknpay, Woolworths, Dischem and more. I have now so many cards in my wallet like bankcards, credit cards and bank cards and of course the loyalty cards. The problem is that I am always looking for the cards in my wallet, they take up a lot of space and by rubbing against each other they get damaged.

I have now solved this problem by installing a free app on my phone. It is called Stocard and is available for Ios and Android. It is easy to use. You can either scan the bar code or enter the number manually it will then create a bar code and the number in the app. It is then as easy as taking out your phone, open the app, select the right e-card and hand over to the cashier.

No registration is required and of course Stocard is totally free. Gone are the days with all the loyalty cards in my wallet.

I might even get more cards now as I couldn’t be bothered anymore due to my wallet filling up with cards.

As the say on their website fast, easy and smart.

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