Teamviewer Remote support

We are not all tech savvy users, and problems do popup on your computer. So what todo if you have a computer problem you can not solve yourself? If you are lucky someone who can help you is nearby, but more often this is not the case. Here comes Teamviewer into play. Teamviewer allows someone you trust to take over your computer remotely an fix any computer related problems you have, while you can sit back, relax and see what they are doing. Teamviewer is free to use for home and personal use. For a small fee one can upgrade to a commercial version which will unlock many more features.

TeamViewer has been long trusted and used by IT and other technical support people around the world. Most people know that geek who is the computer genius among-st friends or family. A quick call (phone, whats app etc) and launching TeamViewer software, and that genius is able to solve your problem, even if they’re located thousands of miles away. Teamviewer can be used free of charge in personal and private uses, but your support person might charge you a fee.

Just be careful who you trust with your computer as there are many scammers out there who contact you telling you have a problem, but they can fix it remotely. Only initiate a Teamviewer remote Session with someone you trust and know.

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